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Atlantis Management is a family owned and locally operated property management company which provides personal, hands-on management for homeowner associations who deserve and need the very best in experience and know-how.  Atlantis Management stands alone by guaranteeing our commitment to quality management for your Association.

Atlantis Management provides professional management services tailored to the individualized needs of the community.  Drawing on our extensive experience and strict standards of quality and customer care, we provide a level of service unparalleled in the industry.

It has been our experience that a successful relationship between property management and an association does not depend on the size, location, or condition of the property.  The key elements are the Association’s commitment to maintaining the property and management’s skill in supporting this commitment.

Our team approach to property management is designed to provide that skill and support to each association that is interested in maintaining and increasing the value of their property.

Our offices receive over four hundred routine customer phone calls weekly.  To provide the best service to the residents of each community, employees have instant access to all company personnel during working hours.  Furthermore, the policy at Atlantis Management is to return all phone calls with in twenty-four hours.  On weekends and holidays, every day of the year, Atlantis is available and accessible for all of your on-call needs. 

Thank you for your consideration of Atlantis Management Services