What We Do

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Property Services

  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Computerized tracking of Work Orders
  • Detailed Property Inspections
  • Prompt Compliance Follow-Up
  • Janitorial/Maintenance Services Available

Financial Services
  • Customized Monthly General Ledger
  • Monthly Statement of Income/Expenses
  • Preparation of Checks for Your Signature
  • Disbursements/Mailing of all Checks
  • Monthly Check Register
  • Detailed Reports on all Delinquent Unit Owners
  • Careful Follow-up on Liens/Foreclosures with your Association Attorney
  • Detailed Accounts Payable Listing
  • Daily Deposits of Association Funds
  • Assistance in Dealing with your Attorney and CPA
  • Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Maintenance of Reserve Schedules
  • Hire an outside accountant to prepare your monthly financial package (at Atlantis’ expense)

Administrative Services
  • Attendance at all Board & Member Meetings
  • Typed Minutes of all Meetings
  • Processing Architectural Applications
  • Welcome/Introduction Packages
  • Screenings of Purchasers & Tenants
  • Monthly Managers Reports
  • Detailed Specifications of all Contracts
  • Proper Maintenance of all Unit Owners Files
  • Preparation/Posting of all Meeting Notices
  • Preparation/Mailing for Annual Meeting
  • Oversee Insurance and Insurance Claims
  • Maintain Association Records for Unit Owner Inspection

Miscellaneous Services
  • Procurement of Competitive Bids on all Association Contracts and Services
  • Control of Your Association Equipment and Supplies for Greatest Economy
  • Assistance with Local Law Enforcement Matters

And all other services required to keep your Association running as smoothly and efficiently as possible